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Stella Mare Dış Görünüm Fotoğraf
Inspired From These Lands

Stella Mare Yachts 

At Stella Mare you don't just find what you need; You will get the best quality at a reasonable price. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to serve our customers comprehensively and efficiently to ensure they are never disappointed. 

Stella Mare 720 Images
Stella Mare 720 Technical Image
Stella Mare 720 Images
Stella Mare Yacht 720

Technical specifications

Standard Package Features

  • 900 W Bada ırgat

  • 316 Krom burun makara

  • 8 Kg Krom Delta çıpa - 

  • 6mm Zincir (25 metre) 

  • 40x40 Eva hatch

  • Navy Load cam kapaklı evye ve ocak

  • Açılabilir Ön Cam

  • 65 LT  Marine Buzdolabı 

  • Johnson Sintine PompasıYatağa dönüşebilen krom masa ayağı

  • Maceratör 
    Canlı livar
    Kapaklı kamış yuvaları
    15mm pleksiglass kapı

  • Duş seti

  • 77 LT Kirli su ve Temiz su Tankları

  • 65 LT Yakıt Tankı

  • Marin manuel tuvalet

  • Projektör, Korna ve Telsiz anteni

  • 2 x 105 Amp Marin Akü Solar uyumlu

  • 1 x 72 Amp Marin Motor Aküsü + Victron Cyrix Marin kablo donanımı 2x155W Güneş enerjisi sistemi Victron 20amp Mppt

  • 316 krom aksesuarlar

  • Yataklar ve Oturma minderleri

  • Yakıt ve Su göstergeleri

  • Platform altı krom merdiven

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Feature 1

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Feature 2

Innovative Design

Stella Mare Yacht's technical excellence combines with its innovative design approach. Our boats, every detail of which is meticulously considered and carefully crafted, reflect the latest technology and most advanced engineering principles in the industry. Our models, which are aesthetically impressive as well as excellent marine performance, aim to exceed the expectations of marine enthusiasts. Stella Mare Yacht follows the latest design trends and constantly develops innovative solutions to deliver an extraordinary experience on each of its boats. Therefore, owning a Stella Mare Yacht boat means experiencing the perfect harmony of technology and design.

For Your Comfort at Sea

Security Features

Advanced Security System

Security systems equipped with the latest technology provide maximum protection while traveling at sea.

Buoyant Hull

It guarantees safety even in emergency situations by ensuring that the boat does not sink under any circumstances.

High Durability Glasses

Specially designed high-strength glasses provide protection from the effects of the sea and ensure safe navigation.

For a Green World

Our Sustainability Goals

Stella Mare Yacht is dedicated to protecting the seas; We are sailing towards a green future with our sustainability goals, environmentally friendly production processes and use of renewable energy. By adopting environmentally friendly innovations at every step, we pioneer the protection of our seas and sustainable maritime practices.

Stella Mare 720 Sustainability
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